Kate Middleton ‘behaved like Princess Diana’ at start of marriage to William


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  • Kate Middleton reportedly behaved in a “similar way” to Princess Diana in the early days of her marriage to Prince William after being introduced to royal life.

    The Duchess of Cambridge tragically never got to meet Princess Diana, but she could be seen to have consistently been inspired by her over the years. Whether it’s recreating Princess Diana’s go-to look with a striking red blazer in Copenhagen last month, to Princess Diana influencing her parenting approach, Kate’s mother-in-law is very much still a huge presence in the Cambridges’ lives. Both royal women married to royals high up in the line of succession and balanced working and family life with their little ones. 

    And the parallels don’t stop there as it seems in the early days of Kate’s marriage to Prince William, her body language showed similar signs to Diana too. 

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrive to attend the official launch party for Team GB and Paralympics GB

    Reflecting upon Kate’s early days as a member of The Firm on behalf of Slingo, body language expert Darren Stanton has suggested that she’s behaved “in a similar way” to Diana at first. 

    “Kate was arguably more reserved when she was first thrown into the spotlight several years ago,” he claimed, before adding, “She behaved in a similar way Princess Diana did when she first got engaged to Prince Charles.”

    Delving deeper into the similarities, Darren went on to allege that, “Kate would always stay very close to William and continuously look towards him to seek his approval and reassurance.”

    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge leave the King Edward VII Hospital

    However as the years have passed since William and Kate’s love story began, Darren believes that the Duchess of Cambridge has become “less reliant” on her husband. 

    “Now, it’s very clear that Kate is less reliant on William and even when out with him, she maintains a subtle distance from her husband – proving she is more than capable of holding her own,” the expert disclosed.

    This is apparently a far cry from her body language early on in their marriage, with Darren suggesting that Kate “used to position her hands in front of her”. Describing this as “another self-reassuring gesture”, he revealed that this supposedly “signifies feelings of anxiousness”.

    This hand-crossing gesture is something Diana was often pictured doing throughout the early days of her marriage to Charles.

    Kate Middleton and Princess Diana crossing their arms

    But now, just as Diana grew in confidence, Darren believes Kate’s body language has undergone a major transformation over the past eleven years. He explained, “[T]hese days she is seen making what is known as open palm gestures instead – doing so signifies not only confidence, but openness, genuinity and honesty.

    “The difference in how she holds her hands during engagements suggest that she has grown into the large shoes that come with being an established member of the Royal Family.” 

    Though Kate Middleton reportedly behaved like Princess Diana at the start of her marriage to Prince William a lot has changed since then. Now Kate’s seen thriving at solo as well as group engagements and as she prepares for her future role as Queen Consort, her experience will become increasingly valuable in the years ahead.


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