Who left the Sewing Bee last night? The latest elimination revealed

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  • If you missed the Great British Sewing Bee, you might be wondering who left the Sewing Bee last night?

    Who left the Sewing Bee last night? Is a question fans of the show are wondering – especially those who lost track of time and forgot to tune in to the BBC One show which airs every Wednesday at 9pm.

    But fear not, for we won’t spoil it if you’re planning to catch up with it on the iPlayer to see who failed to impress the judges with their hems, applique techniques, dart, or embroidery are dramatically cut out of the contest, simply leave this article right now, but if you do want a heads up as to who has now left, which sees amateur sewers take on challenges as they compete to be named Britain’s best home sewer, read on.

    Who left the Sewing Bee last night?

    Lawratu had a nightmare in the made-to-measure challenge as Esme Young and Patrick Grant got the contestants to create a casual utility jacket with a relaxed fit and at least three pockets. And the task went from bad to worse when she struggled to attach the snaps to her design, and viewers watched as she was overcome with emotion as she faced critique.

    ‘Well, I like the colour,’ Esme said as she assessed the garment. And while Covid restrictions meant Patrick was unable to comfort an upset Lawratu, he said, ‘Sometimes things just don’t go well. Your collar isn’t well attached, you’re missing poppers. It’s just strewn with errors and there’s no more we need to say about it than that.’

    He offered a virtual hug, but visibly emotional, Lawratu replied, ‘I know the feelings are there and the empathy.’ she dried her eyes and told the cameras, “It’s just very painful. What was up there wasn’t representative of me and I think that’s why I was upset.”

    In a video clip of the best bits of her short time on the show, Lawratu declared, “I love my body the way it is so I make clothes to fit it the way it is.”

    Among the judge’s positive remarks of her sewing skills, Patrick Young said, “It’s got all the movement and the grace that we wanted from this dress, it nails the brief.”

    “I love the fact that you put pockets in. As you know I love a pocket, as do you,” noted Esme Young.

    The self-confessed ‘red wine lover’ Lawratu replied, “Yes ladies must always have pockets”

    Speaking about her departure, Lawratu said, “It has been a wonderful experience. The joy that sewing gives me, the pride it gives me, it’s something I will continue to do for a long, long time.”

    Lawratu also shared her sorrow for the judges who have to decide who to get rid of week after week, she added, “I actually feel sorry for you judges because I think it must be hard to judge week after week.

    The Sewing Bee tweeted, ‘It was a total pleasure having you, Lawratu. We can’t wait to see what you sew next! #SewingBee’

    Sewing Bee contestants 2021

    Twelve home sewers started out the series, hosted by Joe Lycett, and each week a contestant has been eliminated. But the full line up is as follows;

    The Great British Sewing Bee contestants 2021

    • Adam Brooks, 31, Cruise Ship Entertainment Director from Leicester
    • Adeena Khatoon, 40, Student Engagement Officer, Birmingham
    • Andrew Aspland, 54, Maths Teacher, from Hull
    • Cathryn Waudby, 57, Post-Office Worker, from Yorkshire
    • Damien, 39,  IT Installation Engineer, from Bolton
    • Faire, 34, Accountant, from Dunstable
    • Jean, Art Psychotherapist, County Down
    • Julie Pygott, 62, Beauty Therapist, Rotherham
    • Lawratu, 37, Local Authority Officer, from Surrey
    • Raphael, 34, Textile Artist, from London
    • Rebecca, 23, Customer Assistant from Scunthorpe
    • Serena, 21, Medical student from Edinburgh

    Who can enter the great British Sewing Bee?

    Producers at Love Productions are currently looking for contestants to star on Series 8 of the Great British Sewing Bee and here’s how; If you or someone you know is a creative sewer who is proficient with patterns and can fit to perfection, then why not apply now online.

    You must be aged 16 or above on 1st January 2021 and you must be a resident of the UK.

    If you cannot apply online and would like an application form posted to you, please email [email protected] or call 0207 067 4837.

    The website advises, “We are closely monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 and we are following the advice of Public Health England. As a result, we may adjust how or when we carry out auditions. The safety and welfare of everyone involved in our productions is always paramount.”

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