M&S is selling Halloween hampers that are perfect for the spooky season

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  • M&S is selling two incredible Halloween hampers with everything you need from sweet treats to fun crafts to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

    M&S is the best place to find gift and food hampers for every occasion. You can treat yourself to a Percy Pig hamper and a Family Night In hamper and even a cocktail box full of everything you need for happy hour. Now you can get ready for Halloween with these super spooky gift hampers.

    Halloween is almost upon us, you can feel the spooky season in the air and you can get the cupboards stocked up for the big day, thanks to M&S.

    Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box

    This gift box is £50 and ready to be delivered on the 15th of October – so you’ll be all ready for the day well in advance. The box comes with everything you need, from treats to Halloween crafts.

    You get sweets like vampire fangs, sour spiders and you also get chocolate cake mix to make Halloween cupcakes, cupcake toppers, and a seven-piece pumpkin carving kit! The box also has grafts including a decorate your own felt pumpkin hat and two masks, a cat, and a skull mask.

    Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box
    Your ultimate Halloween box, full of goodies and crafts that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re throwing a little Halloween party or wanting to make the day special for the kids – this box has everything you need.

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    What’s in the Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box?

    • Goulish Gingerbread biscuit kit (154g)
    • Sour Spiders (110g)
    • The ghoulish gang (55g)
    • Vampire’s fangs (110g)
    • Chocolate cake mix (500g)
    • Indulgent chocolate icing (400g)
    • 12 Cupcake cases and toppers
    • Skull mask
    • Cat Mask
    • Decorate your own skeleton felt bucket
    • Decorate your own pumpkin felt bucket
    • 7 piece pumpkin carving kit
    • Gift box

    Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box (Delivery from 15th October 2021) Image 1 of 3 Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box

    It’s the perfect box to make the day fun and full of activities from crafts to baking, and there are even sweets to give out if you get some trick or treaters at the door.

    Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bag

    The Halloween Trick or Treat gift bag is smaller than the gift box but has everything you need for the perfect Halloween night-in or party.

    You get M&S’s bleeding brains, Pumpkin Percy’s, Colin the Caterpillar™’s risky roulette, and even some glow-in-the-dark stickers – which you can use to decorate your Halloween bag. The bag is also perfect to use for trick or treating!

    Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bag
    This Trick or Treat bag is full of sweet treats, from Pumpkin Percy’s to Vampire fangs.

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    These boxes are perfect to share with the family while watching the best Halloween movies or to gift to a lover of all things Halloween. This gift bag is the same as the gift box, you can order now and it will be delivered on the 15th of October.

    Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bag

    What’s in the Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bag?

    • Bubbly boo (23g) x2
    • Net of Spooky Ombles (130g)
    • Colin the Caterpillar™ risky roulette (170g) x2
    • Pumpkin Percy™ (170g)
    • 4 bleeding brains (42g)
    • Vampire’s fangs (110g)
    • Spooky Ombles lolly (24g) x2
    • Sour Spiders (110g)
    • Glow in the dark stickers
    • Juco Bag

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