What Prince William and Kate Middleton’s drink reveals of their marriage


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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s favourite drink choices speak volumes about their marriage, according to a psychologist.

    Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated 10 years of marriage last year and its success could be all down to the beverages they’re drinking.

    Psychologist Darren Stanton has analysed the different types of drinks that the royals love to consume to see what this says about their personality and the results are pretty telling.

    Speaking to Coffee Friend, Darren explained how Kate loves a decaf latte. He said, “The concept of decaf indicates that a person is very controlled and self-aware, since drinking too much coffee can be an issue. Though, by ordering a decaf, this largely alleviates the effects of caffeine, while still getting a similar taste.”

    He went on to describe what this says about Kate as a person, “People that choose specific coffee orders with subtle tweaks as an option are also quite methodical, they like precision and they know what they want. This could be a nod to Kate’s assertiveness and growth as a senior member of the Royal family.”

    Kate Middleton

    But while Darren claims Kate’s favourite non-caffeine fix makes her ‘bland’ he explains why it’s a perfect choice for the mum of three to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

    “The downside of latte drinkers is that their order is considered fairly bland. Little permutations and a generally basic starter pack drink for coffee lovers. This may suggest Kate isn’t the most adventurous, however, for someone with a very busy schedule full of daily routines these simple, easy to drink choices are perfect for a working mum,” he added.

    Meanwhile, although Prince William’s favourite hot beverage has never been revealed, he has been spotted drinking several cups of breakfast tea while carrying out royal engagements.

    And Darren explained what this means for the future king.

    He said, “This is a no-fuss, very open to suggestions type drink that isn’t really about the flavour, but rather a goodwill gesture to receive to build rapport with those that make it.

    Prince William

    “As a personality, drinking regular breakfast tea suggests stability and consistency, not for someone taking too many risks. This aligns with Kate’s decaf tea and what makes them a good match and their choices seem largely made to suit their roles as Royals, where they continue to dedicate their time and efforts the most in their lives.”

    And if you’re want to know the secret to their happy marriage, in terms of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s favourite drink, he added, “Basic breakfast tea is a drink that is the maker of great friends and partners because what you see is what you get.”


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