Lidl gift card scam warning as shoppers are urged to contact their bank

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  • Lidl shoppers have been warned about a fake supermarket gift card offer and are urged to contact their bank immediately.

    Lidl shoppers have been urged to contact their bank immediately if they think they’ve been victims of a fake gift card offer by fraudsters pretending to be the supermarket chain.

    The latest email scam which is doing the rounds is a Lidl shoppers gift card scam that promises customers a voucher in return for taking a short survey and handing over their bank details.

    It comes after fresh warnings over Royal Mail scam went viral in Twitter post and Aldi shoppers were warned about a £200 gift card scam back in March.

    The scammers have taken extra steps to try and con victims by telling them that a receipt from a purchase made in 2020 is the winning entry in a prize draw – but even though the email isn’t from the supermarket, it’s tricking some people into believing it is.

    The warning, uploaded to Facebook, revealed the contents of the email which stated, ‘You will immediately be given the opportunity to set up your groceries voucher free of charge so that you can use it right after,’

    Lidl receipt, scam email

    One shopper warned, ‘Anyone receiving this email from LIDL PLEASE don’t activate it. This is a SCAM. Just delete it. LIDL are aware of it. These scammer will stop at nothing to get their hand in your details.’

    The low-cost supermarket has previously advised customers to take a moment before responding to an email, text message, or social media post that claims to be from the supermarket and is asking for personal information.

    The grocer said shoppers should ask themselves whether the opportunity feels “too good to be true” and whether they have received a similar message from Lidl in the past.

    And before entering any competition, Lidl advised customers to verify its authenticity on the supermarket’s official website.

    Other tips to stop yourself from falling victim to a scam include, checking the spelling of web addresses before you click in and also check whether the email address looks like an authentic company contact.

    If you believe you may have fallen for a Lidl shoppers gift card scam or any other scam, you are urged to contact your bank or building society straight away or report it to the Action Fraud website.

    The supermarket added, “Lidl is not financially or commercially responsible for any fraudulent campaigns. If you feel like you have been a victim of fraud please report this to your bank immediately.”

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